Staff List by Unit

Staff and Location

Unit Analyst
Administration Mark Stahley
Admissions Tammy Etter
All-University Card Patrick McCavitt
Auxiliary Enterprises David Moore
Auxiliary Enterprises Indirect David Moore
Board Plan Patrick McCavitt
BUDS Database Jieping Li
Campus Access Patrick McCavitt
Capital Finance Monica Michaud
Child Development Center Patrick McCavitt
College of Education and Human Development Dorian Mroz
College of Health and Human Services Dorian Mroz
College of Humanities and Social Sciences Irene Mills
College of Science Ute Shaw
College of Visual and Performing Arts Andrew Bursten
College Work Study Mark Stahley
Computer Store Brian Gantt
Continuing Education Dorian Mroz
Contract Courses Gil Brown
Educational & General (E&G) Gil Brown
E&G Appropriation Gil Brown
E&G Revenue Gil Brown
Eminent Scholars Mark Stahley
Enrollment Services Tammy Etter
Entrepreneurship Center Tammy Etter
Equipment Trust Fund Gil Brown
Equity Office Mark Stahley
Facilities Linda Midcalf
Facility Reserve / Equip. Reserve (Aux Ent) David Moore
Finance & Planning Mark Stahley
Financial Aid Mark Stahley
Fiscal Services Mark Stahley
Freedom Center Donald L. Jones
FTE Tracy Williams
Graduate School of Education Dorian Mroz
Hemlock / Bull Run Patrick McCavitt
HFRR Dorian Mroz
Housing Patrick McCavitt
ICAR Dorian Mroz
IET Dorian Mroz
IRC (formerly IDO) Brian Gantt
Indirect Mark Stahley
Volgenau School of Engineering (VSE) Kimberly Homes
Information Technology Unit Brian Gantt
Institutional Assessment Dorian Mroz
Institutional Research and Reporting Mark Stahley
Instructional Improvement and Instructional Technology, Dept. of (DOIIIT) Brian Gantt
Intercollegiate Athletics Jeanne Medford
Intercultural Cluster Patrick McCavitt
Internal Audit Mark Stahley
Krasnow Institute Dorian Mroz
Library Susan Stockwell
Mason Enterprise Center Dorian Mroz
Mason Lines Brian Gantt
Multi-Campus Support Mark Stahley
Office of Continuing & Professional Development Dorian Mroz
Open House (Admissions) Tammy Etter
Orientation Patrick McCavitt
Patriot Center Patrick McCavitt
Pay Phones Brian Gantt
Personnel Funding / Reallocations David Oler
Photo ID Patrick McCavitt
Police Mark Stahley
Position Funding David Oler
President Gil Brown
Prince William Campus Mark Stahley
Print Services Patrick McCavitt
Provost Tammy Etter
Recasts/Reallocations David Oler
Recreation Sports Complex Jeanne Medford
Registrar Tammy Etter
Salary Adjustments Tracy Williams
School of Law Dorian Mroz
School of Management Dorian Mroz
School of Public Policy Dorian Mroz
Senior Vice President Mark Stahley
Sponsored Programs Dorian Mroz
Student Clubs & Org. Patrick McCavitt
Student Escort Service Patrick McCavitt
Student Health Patrick McCavitt
Student Services Patrick McCavitt
Student Activities Admin. Patrick McCavitt
Summer Term Tammy Etter
Summer Transition Patrick McCavitt
Telecomm Brian Gantt
Tuition Revenue Mark Stahley
Unions/Johnson Center Patrick McCavitt
University Computing Brian Gantt
University Advancement Sara Snyder
University Life Patrick McCavitt
University Relations Mark Stahley
University Reserve Gil Brown
University Services Patrick McCavitt
Vacant Positions David Oler
Vice President, Information Technology Brian Gantt
Vice President, Research and EconDevelopment Tammy Etter
Waivers Mark Stahley
Website Jieping Li